A perfect functionality of your car air conditioner system is mandatory in UAE, because of the weather conditions.

Symptoms that might indicate a damaged air conditioning compressor:

  • The most common symptom is that the A.C. is not blowing air as cold as it used to 
  • Loud or strange noises when the A.C is on 
  • Compressor clutch is not moving 
  • Leaks 

If your car air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, needs gas, or you haven’t had it serviced for a long time, please contact German Experts Service Center for an appointment. In German Experts we understand the importance of a good working A.C. system, we have the tools and technology to diagnose, identify and fix any problem related to this particular part of your car and of all the parts of the air conditioner system:

  • A.C. Condenser
  • A.C. Compressor
  • Air filter
  • Recharge Refrigerants
  • A.C. Blower motor
  • A.C. Evaporator
  • A.C. Accumulator
  • A.C. Resistors
  • A.C. Switches and Controls
  • A.C. Electrical Wiring and Relays
  • A.C. Seals, O-rings, and Hoses

All the listed parts offered, if cannot be repaired will be replaced with genuine parts as per the manufacture standards and specifications with warranty certificates for our work and also for the repaired A.C. part

Brands we are servicing for Air Conditioning System Repair:

BMW A.C. fixing, Mercedes A.C. fixing, Land Rover A.C. fixing, Porsche A.C. fixing, Audi A.C. fixing, Rolls Royce A.C. fixing, Ferrari A.C. fixing, Lamborghini A.C. Fixing, Mini Cooper A.C. Fixing, Jaguar A.C. fixing, Mclaren A.C. fixing, Volkswagen A.C. repair