The speed control unit or ESC is an electronic circuit that controls and regulate the speed of your car.

Computer programmable speed controls generally have user-specific options which allows setting low-voltage cut-off limits, timing, acceleration, breaking and direction of rotation.

The speed control unit sends information to your car computer about how fast your car is spinning at any particular moment.

Signs of a damaged Speed Control Unit:

  • Transmission revs higher before changing gears
  • The car transmission engage into overdrive late or never
  • Breaks are harder than normal when coasting
  • Speedometer behaves erratically or sometimes is not working at all
  • The check engine light comes on intermittently and sporadically when accelerating
  • The overdrive on/off lights blinks on and off without reason

Specialist advice:

Tip: some of the problems may seem transmission related problems so it’s better to have your car checked in a service equipped with a complete diagnostic equipment.

German Experts Service Center has a complete updated diagnostic center and the experts can run a complete computer diagnosis checkup.


Most of the CONTROL UNITS used on today’s cars are having the chip locked or programmed only for that certain car. This feature doesn’t give the option of changing the control unit from one car to another fact that leads to high costs in buying and programming new control units in case a car is having a failure with this part of the car.

Our engineers are proud to say that they have the knowledge and high technological tools to fix and program Used Control Units from one car to another, keeping exactly the same functions as the car had before the replacement. This feature we can proudly guarantee that cannot be done not even by the Official Dealer.