The GEAR BOX is the second element of the power train in an automobile. The gear box (transmission) change the speed and torque of vehicle according to the road and load condition.

If you feel any problem related to your car gear box, please don’t hesitate contacting or coming and asking for an inspection with one of our expert technicians.


  • Lack or late response. 
  • Transmission slipping. It can feel like you're driving in a certain gear and then it changes for no apparent reason. ...
  • Gear Box makes noises: whining, humming or clunking, noisy in neutral
  • Smells like its burning
  • Low or Leaking Transmission Fluid (Look for red fluid under your car to tell if you have a leak.)
  • Check engine light is on
  • Lack or Late Response. 
  • Diagnosis process in German Experts Service Center:

One of our technicians will test drive the vehicle and check if the gear has a fault or if it’s not shifting correctly.• Next step - will check the fault by diagnostic tester, check gearbox control unit and check gearbox oil condition.
• If needed, the gearbox and the overall gear clutch will be removed.
• According to the problem, the gearbox control unit or valve body will be replaced or repaired as per the manufacture standards and specifications.
• Then, we will top up the gearbox oil and adapt it with diagnostic tester to relearn gear shifting.

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This action might save you from a lot of expenses, increase the life of your car and protect your own safety. If you experience any of this transmission issues don’t hesitate in giving us a call and do an appointment.