GERMAN EXPERTS Car Warranty is an extended insurance that will protect you for a major, costly breakdown of your car. By covering your car with the German Experts Car Warranty you will not only protect your investment but also your safety and ease of mind.

German Experts Service Center team, gathered together after a carefully made market analyze and build a car warranty plan that cannot be found with any other car warranty providers in UAE, focusing on avoiding any inconvenience that a car owner might have when closing a car warranty in UAE.

Working only as per the manufacture standards and specifications, German Experts Car Warranty covers what any other car warranty provider covers in a transparent and reliable Car Warranty plan that can be closed for 1 or 2 years for New Imported Cars, Used Cars and Super-Cars for a very competitive price.

GERMAN EXPERTS CAR WARRANTY:                                               OTHERS:

  •  All German, Italian Vehicle makes and models included. New, used and supercars

  • Cherry picking – expensive and higher risk vehicles are usually excluded from cover

  • German Experts Car Warranty covers what no other company do in UAE and all the listed spare parts covered are appearing in the booklet without hidden clauses.

  • Confusing variation in policies with reducing cover levels depending on vehicle age and mileage. Cover for only a short list of parts, so if it’s not on the list – YOU PAY

  • For safety’s sake and long life of the car,

  • The focus is on the cost not on your safety! Many other warranty providers are having agreements with different garages, having a low costs-low standard policy.

  • AED15.000 for used cars, AED25.000 for new cars and 40.000 for super cars. This is German Experts Car Warranty value for claims and you can have a claim each month.

  • Hidden and limited claim policy. Some car warranty providers are offering AED10.000 for claims but will never mention it’s all the amount for 1 year and will never approve all the amount!

  • If you will choose that the Car Warranty with German Experts will cover the engine or transmission, we will cover that if required at 0 additional cost..

  • If an expensive Part is thought to improve condition of Vehicle, YOU PAY or lose your warranty.

  • Repairing of your car will be made only in German Experts Service Center and claim approval takes 1 to 5 days.

  • Repairs at network garages – Claim approval might take up to 2 weeks and in 80% of the cases might be rejected and you need to apply again.

  • Extended working hours, experienced technicians and advisors highly trained in any failure of any car brand we are serving

  • Short working hours, untrained technicians and equipment. Sometimes only diagnosis will take 1 week

  • Plan Repair limit is set to the value of your Vehicle at the time of booking. If your Vehicle value depreciates, our plan Repair limit will remain the same.

  • Plan Repair limit equal to value of Vehicle at time of Repair. Your Vehicle depreciates and so will the value of cover available to pay any Repair, so – YOU PAY the difference.

  • Service Contract included in the German Experts Car Warranty and will be made according to the manufacture standards and specifications

  • Not included with most of the car warranty providers in UAE and also hidden claims in the contract to force you in doing the service in their garage with a high mandatory cost.

  • Transferable Warranty policy in case you are selling the car, without extra cost.This will 100% increase the value of your car and offer reliability to any buyer.

  • Non-transferable Car Warranty or extra cost required (up to AED5000) for being used by another person.

  • Any repair of the covered vehicle components will be without any additional labor cost.

  • Non-transferable Car Warranty or extra cost required (up to AED5000) for being used by another person.

  • 100% TRANSPARENCY! Before closing German Experts Car Warranty policy, one of our service advisors will explain to you all the terms and conditions, parts covered and uncovered and will answer to all of your questions.

  • The majority of the car warranty providers will tell you that the car will be covered bumper to bumper, which means 100% coverage, but this is not true at all. Information is power so please make sure you are well informed.