German Experts Service Center is highly recommending our customers before investing in any pre-owned car to carry a pre-purchase inspection to secure your safety and your money.

We have seen a lot of situations where car owners brought the car in German Experts Service Center for the periodical service or for our German Experts Car Warranty and at a closer look our car mechanics discovered huge issues and hard damaged vehicles that required lots of money and hard work to comply with the safety rules and be driven normally.

Below we have listed a series of have to check points when buying a car and after our inspection we will provide you with a report that will accurately indicate the real condition of the car you want to buy.

Not buying but selling a vehicle? Increase or keep the real price of the car by providing a report of the car you want to sell and we can guarantee that this will assure a fast car selling without having to negotiate your price.






1. Windscreen Washer Fluid Level

28. Fluid Level Condition - engine oil, transmission oil, differential oil, coolant, washer fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid 

41. Inner Fender Shields Condition 

52. Hose Clamps Condition 

2. Coolant Level 

29. Drive Belt Age/Condition- alternator, water pump, A/C compressor, power steering pump, timing belt

42. Tie Rods and Suspension Mounts Condition 

53. Battery lifetime (more than 4 years?)

3.  Brake Fluid Level 

30. Charging System - voltage

43. Prake Pads and Rotors Condition 

54. Battery Clamps Condition 

4. Power Steering Fluid Level 

31.Throttle Position Switch - condition and adjustment 

44. Shock Absorbers Condition 

55.  Wires Condition 

5. Fan Belt Tension + Condition 

32. Engine  - visual, mounts, valve clearance, compression, noise, freeze plugs, oil/coolant leaks

45. Engine signs of leaks or fluid 

56. Air Filter Condition 

6. Cleanliness of Engine Compartment 

33. Intake System - air filter, throttle plate, thermostatic control, intake control, manifold gasket

46. Bent or dented metal 

57. Brake reservoir Condition 

7. Tyre Pressure/tread/damage

34. Fuel Delivery System - fuel filter, tank filter, hoses, lines, fuel rails, injectors

47. Radiator signs of coolant 

58. Power Steering Pump Condition and Oil Level 

8. Front/Rear Brake Pads Condition 

35. Ignition System – primary pattern, secondary pattern, timing, spark plugs, spark plugs wires

48. Ground of the car - signs of oil or fluid

59. Fluid Level 

9. Wipers

 36. Control System – check engine light, trouble codes, sensors, connections/wiring

49. Transmission and differential leaks 


10. Headlight + Adjustment 

37. Air Conditioning – condenser, evaporator, compressor, hoses/lines, hardware attach, refrigerant charge




11. Parking Brake 

38. Wheel Bearings – front, rear

50. Strange Noises 


12. Interior Switches 

39. Steering and Suspension – steering gear, steering pump, tie rods, ball joints, control arms, bushing, springs, shocks/struts

51. Exhaust Leak 


13. Exhaust System

40. Brakes – master cylinder, power booster, calipers, wheel/cylinders, lines/hoses, pads/linings, rotors/drums, parking brake, anti-lock system



14. Underneath Damage 




15. Power Steering -Function 




16. Steering Wheel Centered / Pulling 




17. Air Suspension 




18. Differential locks, all-wheel drive 




19. Unusual noises/vibrations 




20. A.C. 








22. Clutch Jerk 




23. Gear Change 




24. Body Damage as per Inspection Sheet 




25. Trim Pieces Loose or Missing 




26. Small Rust Spots 




27.  Tires Condition 




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