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Car engine is a very complex part of your vehicle that requires special care and attention to avoid costly failures. However in case of a failure German Experts engine specialist  would like to explai,  in the coming period, different issues you might encounter with your car engine and repairing solutions that are not only effective but might save a lot of money from your pocket.

Now, let me give you an overview of the engine main components:   

    Engine refurbishment

  • Engine Crankshaft
  • Engine Crankshaft Bearings
  • Engine Crankshaft Trust Washer
  • Engine Connecting Rods
  • Engine Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Engine Pistons
  • Engine Piston Rings
  • Engine Cylinder Heads
  • Engine Camshaft
  • Engine Camshaft Adjuster or Sprockets (depending on the engine type)
  • Engine Timing Chain (1 timing chain for the in-line or V engine (Audi, VW, and Porsche), 2 or 3 timing chain for the V engines.)
  • Engine Tappets
  • Engine Rocker Arms
  • Engine Valves
  • Engine Intake Exhaust
  • Engine Valve Springs
  • Engine Valve Springs Returner
  • Engine Chain Adjuster
  • Engine Oil Pump
  • Engine Oil Pump Chain

If you are here, reading this article I believe that you should know when you have to accept the engine repair and when engine refurbishment or overhaul is required….

Now… engine repair means just fixing the fault that caused the failure and sometimes if it’s required fixing parts included in the refurbishment process.

Engine refurbishment or repair is required when you have one or more of the below faults:

  • Cylinder Liner damage
  • Piston damage
  • Piston rings damage
  • Connecting rod damage
  • Bearings damage
  • Crankshaft damage

Example: ENGINE VALVE SEAL DAMAGE             

What is an engine vave seal?     

Valve seal prevents the oil from getting into the cylinders. When the seal fails, the oil is mixed with the fuel and might damage the engine. In order to prevent engine damage the valve seal need to be replaced as per the factory manual specifications and standards:

  • Removing the cylinder head cover and valve
  • Replacing the seals
  • Replacing cover gasket and cylinder head gasket
  • Changing engine oil and engine filters

What are the most common failures of a valve seal damage? 

  • A big amount of blue-white smoke will come from the exhaust when car engine is cold or the car is waiting at the stop signs     

valve seal repair

  • Big oil consumption  


  • When changing the valve seal change also the timing belt
  • The valve seal failure will always result in blue color exhaust smoke and significant oil loss
  • All the procedure should mandatory be made as per the manufacturer manual

As you are already having a clearer picture of what is engine repair, let’s now talk about engine refurbishment or engine overhaul:

Engine refurbishment can include also repairs but the process is more complex starting with opening the engine completely, part by part, visual inspection of each part, cleaning and lubricating the engine, changing oil and consumable part, replacing or upgrading capacitors, replacing or refurbishing the damaged parts, all as per the factory manual specifications and standards.

Example 1:  ENGINE CYLINDER LINER                                          engine cylinder liner


What is an engine cylinder liner?

A cylinder liner is a cylindrical part fitted into an engine block to form a cylinder. The cylinder liner acts as the inner part of a cylinder forming a sliding surface for the piston rings while retaining the lubricant within, having the following properties:

  • Less consumption of lubricants
  • Less wear on the partner piston ring
  • Less wear on the cylinder liner
  • Anti-galling properties

If the engine cylinder liner is damaged you will have to change: the engine liner, the engine piston and the engine piston ring.

TIPS: In German Experts Service Center, our engine specialist will change the cylinder liner, the piston and the piston ring without being needed to change the other pistons of the engine and the process will be done as per the manufacture standards, following the manual specifications.


Example 2: ENGINE CONNECTINGS RODS DAMAGE:                                             

What is a Connecting Rod?  

A connecting rod connects a piston to a crank or crankshaft in a reciprocating engine (piston engine). This system uses one or more pistons to convert the pressure into a rotating motion.

TIPS: Find the root cause as the problem might come from a damage of the timing chain that jumped and hit the valve damaging the piston.

How do you know if the connecting rod is damaged?

  • Knocking Noise when engine is on
  • Low oil pressure
  • Excessive oil Consumption

Example 3: ENGINE PISTONS DAMAGE                                                                                                           engine piston and piston rods mercedes

 What is an engine piston?

A piston moves up and down inside your vehicle’s engine cylinder in different stages of the combustion cycle creating pressure in the engine. It is also responsible for driving the heat away, from the piston to the cylinder wall and regulating the oil consumption.

Common Symptoms of Damaged Pistons Rings:

  • Poor performance of the car or overall loss of power
  • Low power when accelerating
  • White or gray exhaust smoke
  • High oil consumption.

Once a piston is damaged needs to be replaced together with all the additional parts that are accompanying the pistons.

TIPS:  Other service centers will recommend you to change all the engine or all the pistons at once, but our engine specialists will only change the damaged piston as per the manufacturer manual specifications, offering 6 months warranty for the work itself and the piston replaced

Example 4: ENGINE CRANKSHAFT DAMAGE                                                                               

 What is the crankshaft?

The crankshaft is the part of the engine which changes the up and down motion of the pistons into rotation.

Most Common Symptoms for a crankshaft damage:

  • Issues starting the vehicle
  • Stalling
  • Check engine light on
  • Uneven acceleration
  • Engine misfires or vibrates
  • Rough Idle
  • Higher fuel consumption

A crankshaft failure might result because of melted bearings, coolant mix with oil, low oil pressure or because of the oil pump itself.

In this process the engine refurbishment process will be made by changing the: crankshaft, crankshaft bearings, connecting rods or connecting rod bearings, depending on the failure root cause.

TIPS:  In some cases, with reference to some of the car brands we are servicing in German Experts Service Center, some components are manufactured individually by the factory, while others are available as a whole system.

Example 1: For Mercedes Benz cars, when the liner is damage, an engine refurbishment is required and we will have to change the piston and the piston rings of the affected liner, together with the liner itself

Example 2: For Audi and BMW you can change only the piston rings without changing the piston as the factory is manufacturing it separately.

Our last and biggest TIP is to contact us at 026666328 if you have any symptom of engine failure and we will do our best to solve the issue efficient and fast and the most convenient cost possible offering you 6 months warranty for our work.

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Today we will talk about the most encountered problems meet by the German Experts Service Center specialists when are repairing Range Rover cars.  


Most common coolant leaks are coming from the water pump, thermostat or pipes and if are not repaired in time, will overheat the engine and along time damage it.

 A chemical/sweet smell coming from the AC system, or a whitish cloud of smoke from the exhaust or spots of coolant on the pavement are main signs of coolant leak and you should have your car checked by an expert to avoid further serious problems.


A supercharger function is to force air into the engine, so the engine will be more efficient. If the supercharger fails, the capacity of the engine to efficiently function will decrease as the air and the fuel will not reach into the engine normally.

If you notice any of the below problems while driving your Range Rover, please address this problem to a specialized service center avoiding in this way a more costly repair.

The engine light is on – engine light on might come from a multitude of failures but one of them might be coming from the supercharger. In this case car should be computer diagnosed for a clear picture of the failure.

Problems when accelerating – as you are accelerating, a higher amount of power and air is needed and if the engine is having problems getting air from the supercharger, you will have difficulties in accelerating.

Clacking noise at the front of supercharger when the vehicle is idling - this indicates that there is not enough oil in the supercharger and the coupler has melted or dissolved.

Other noise coming from the supercharger – might indicate a failure of the supercharger kit, that usually needs to be replaced to avoid damaging the supercharger assy.


If while filling petrol the pump is stopping repeatedly and the time of filling increase you might have a problem with the fuel pipe that should be replaced together with the breather valve.


The driveshaft is a rotating shaft which transmits torque to the engine.

If you experience any of the below problems it might indicate that you need to replace the driveshaft:

  • Vibrations coming from the underneath
  • Abnormal noises
  • Shuddering during acceleration.


If you are trying to switch on your Range Rover but there is no response, try as a temporary solution to place the key in the lower left side of the steering wheel and keep it there for few seconds.

There are 3 main reasons for this happening:

  • Keyless control unit needs to be replaced.
  • Key battery needs to be replaced
  • The Key needs to be programmed again


Usually a sensor activates an electric suction motor, pulling the door in the closed position. If the door of your Range Rover is not closing anymore softly and quietly there might be a problem with the soft close unit that needs to be replaced.


Oil leaks are the most common symptoms of a crankshaft seal failure. The crankshaft seal might crack, dries out or break, which will lead to oil leak which will be accumulated underside of the engine or produce a drip of oil from the front of engine.

In this situation the crankshaft seal needs to be replaced.

If there is anything else you think we've missed or you would like to know more about, please leave us a message and our specialists will try answering your concerns. 

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 Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that produce, designs, engineers, markets and distributes branded vehicle produced in nine production facilities worldwide. 

 Audi origins takes us back to the early 20th century when August Horch and 2 others manufacturers founded Auto Union, in 1932.                                                        In 1960, Auto Union was acquired by Volkswagen from Daimler Benz and the AUDI F103 series was the model that was first introduced to the public, when in 1965 the AUDI brand was relaunched. 

 From that day till today AUDI has become a strong presence on the automobile market constantly launching new models of cars in today's post I will like to make a list with the most common failures which German Experts Service Center engineers are mostly seeing


Water pump is the heart of the cooling system and leaks are the most common signs of a water pump failure. If the water pump starts leaking, the cooling system will lose coolant and ignoring this issue, might lead to engine overheat that will damage the engine cylinder head and cylinder head gasket


A common problem meet in Audi cars is oil leaking and it might happen because of engine gaskets or seals or from the oil cooler adapter. Diagnosis is required and an action should be taken as this failure can severely damage your engine.


Engine mount function is to hold the engine in place and also to reduce the engine vibrations felt inside the car. Engine mounts are made with a rubber material which might get damaged and break.

If you experience an unusual vibration inside your car it might indicate a problem with the engine mount.


Turbocharger function is to force air into the combustion chamber and make the vehicle more powerful.

If you are experiencing any of this signs with your Audi car you might have a turbocharger failure:

  • Lack of acceleration
  • Excessive of irregular exhaust
  • Check engine light
  • Loud shrieking noise


The function of the bushes is to absorb the shock of turbulences when the car is moving. Worn bushes will affect the comfort and even the safety of the passengers inside the car.

Signs of damaged bushes:

  • Noises when the car is driven over gravelly roads
  • When you make sharp turn or hit the brakes will sound as the car is clunking
  • Steering is difficult to handle or feels looser than before.


Coolant valve is one of the thermostat components and mainly is getting clogged and later brakes causing leaks that reach to the engine control unit causing costly damages


This is a common problem encountered mostly for the Audi A4 and Audi A6 and you should read and stay alert to take action at the right time:


When the car becomes a few years old, the torque converter of the Audi A4 and A6 mostly will start having some failure symptoms as:  

  • Check Engine Light On – The ECU will turn on the engine warning light because it detects inconsistences between the RPMs of the engine and the transmission input shaft. Also the RPMs can become unstable when you accelerate
  • Needle Bearings are used to reduce friction of a rotating surface and if you hear any grinding sound while driving your car you should have your Audi’s checked for a torque related problem. Be aware that worn out bearings can destroy the transmission. 


This is a common problem of the Audi A6 transmission. The A6 models have CVT, automatic and multitronic gearbox if the gear shifting feels strange or hesitant during driving it might be a software issue or if it’s a high-mileage car you might also need to replace the transmission.


A low fluid level of the transmission it’s problematic for any car and for Audi this is a common one.

If the gear slips during shifting or moves slower hat before, check the fluid level and if it’s low it might be a faulty seal in the driveshaft or gearbox from where the fluid leaks.

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Coolant Leaks

Most common coolant leaks are coming from the: water pump, thermostat or pipes.

Signs of coolant leak:

  • A chemical/sweet smell coming from the AC system
  • Whitish cloud of smoke from the exhaust
  • Spots of coolant on the pavement

What damages can produces?

If the coolant leaks are not found and fixed in time, will overheat the engine and along time will damage it.

Suspension Fault

In the Mercedes Benz we have 4 types of suspension and German Experts technician’s most encountered faults for each of them are:

Mercedes Benz direct control normal suspension normally will present failures after 100k km or even less and one of the symptoms will start with unusual noises.

The air suspension replaced the struts and socks on your Mercedes and it’s a feature found on E and S class models. The air suspension failure mostly meet by German experts Service Center specialist when are repairing this model of cars are usually the leaks.

ABC or active body control it’s more costly but has a longer life without presenting too many failures

MBS or magic body control is a modified air suspension found in the new models of Mercedes S class and S Class Maybach and repeated failures haven’t been yet registered.

Gear Shifter blocked in parking mode: this problem is found on E and S class Mercedes Benz models. Usually it’s a failure in the selector module and from experience we advise you if you encounter this issue have your car inspected asap

Gearbox Jerking: In Mercedes Benz cars this is a common problem that most of the time is  wrong diagnosed and can be solved by updating the gearbox software. Only if this procedure is not successful the gear box needs to be replaced.

Window Regulators:  Tend to failure more on Mercedes Benz C class and the ML from model on our experience.

Engine Failures: The most common engine failures in Mercedes Benz cars are:

  • Engine oil leak from valve cover and timing cover – in this case the engine gasket needs to be replaced
  • Engine misfiring: A common problem and with different diagnosis in Mercedes Benz cars, will be engine misfire and the most common fault we are finding coming from this specific area are coming from the:
  1. Injectors, which needs to be replaced;
  2. Ignition coil, needs to be replaced
  3. Internal failure like camshaft; inside the engine and in this case the engine needs to be verified from inside.

Engine Mounts: The main purpose of the engine mounts is to control the vibrations felt inside the car while the car is switched on and are oil filled. Usually after 100.000 km will start loose oil. In this case you will fell vibrations on the seat and on the steering wheel.

Coolant warning light on: usually shows an internal leak from the intercooler

Headlight not working or burned soon after changing the bulb: In this situation the failure appears because of the humidity. Water comes inside the system and affects the headlight control unit that will need to be replaced in most of the cases.

What German Experts Specialists are recommending is to have your car periodically inspected by a specialist, make sure that the equipment used in your car repair or diagnosis is meeting the factory standards and in case you feel any change at your Mercedes Benz car have a specialist seeing it asap.

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            As admirers of the Bavarian Motor Works brand, we can vouch for the consistent quality of their makes and models, yet issues with your vehicle will dependably emerge the more it is driven, regardless. Age, mileage, and driving propensities are enormous supporters of the distance of any vehicle; however that is the place we come in.

North Bay Bavarian has been overhauling all makes and models of BMW for a long time, and we've seen a couple of things. Appropriate support and administration aside, there are a couple of regular issues that can jump up in your BMW.


BMW Engine Misfiring

Engine Misfiring in BMW cars is a common symptom and can have different causes, but most known ones are coming from the injectors, ignition coil and manifold for the six cylinders BMW engines.

When an engine is misfiring, the air-fuel mixture that entered the engine will come out unburnt, and this will pass through the catalytic converter that can have up to 600 degrees temperatures and in contact with unburnt air-fuel mixture might explode.


Symptoms of engine misfiring:

  • Rough idle
  • Rough acceleration
  • Engine Light on
  • Vibrations


BMW Crank Position Sensor

 A crank position sensor monitors the position or the rotational speed of the crankshaft, and according to this information, the engine management system will control the fuel injection and other engine functions.


When the crank position sensor malfunctions, your BMW car will have the following symptoms:

  • Engine backfires
  • Higher fuel consume
  • Lower acceleration power

If the sensor fails, the vehicle will not start anymore. 


BMW Transmission

In BMW cars a typical failure meet by German Experts Service Center engineers comes from the transmission and the most common symptom is the jerking when gears are changing.

Transmission Jerking mostly happens because of:

  • the transmission clutch that slips because of wear
  • leaks in different components of the transmission (shock absorbers)

Symptoms of a malfunctioning transmission are:

  • Transmission stuck in gear
  • BMW transmission slipping or shifts hard
  • Erratic shifting in one or more gears
  • Transmission warning light on
  • Late answer when changing gears


BMW Suspension

The most common problems on BMW car suspensions are coming from the: rubber gasket, bushes, and oil leaks.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning BMW suspension are:

  • Noises
  • One corner of the car seems lower
  • Rolling Sensation
  • Oil Struts



Digital Motor Electronics or Engine Control Unit controls all critical aspects of the engine.

Symptoms of a damaged DME:

  • Check Engine Light stays on after resetting.
  • Car was jump-started on reverse polarity.
  • Engine turning off for no reason.
  • Water Damage or Fire Damage on the E.C. U.
  • The apparent loss of spark.
  • The evident failure of the injection pulse or fuel pump.
  • Intermittent starting problems.
  • Overheating E.C. U.


 BMW Air Conditioning System (A.C.)

The A.C. of the BMW cars at times might get damaged, and one of the most common symptoms is when the compression may switch on for a few seconds and then shut down.

If you face this, then your BMW's A.C. system has a malfunctioning ambient temperature sensor and reads a shallow temperature, automatically switching off the compressor.



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Has Your Car Been Repaired Safely


Get a Post-Repair Inspection and be sure you can drive it safely!

German Experts Service Center regularly inspects vehicles after repairs to check for safety, quality, and to assist our customers in the claim approval. In the course of our inspections, we’ve found that a high percentage of those cars haven’t been repaired according to manufacturer guidelines.

For more information, or to speak to someone at German Experts Service Center, call us at 02 666 6328 or click here to contact us online.

In this case study, our customer brought his car to us for a post-repair inspection, and we found serious safety issues with the work that had been performed on his vehicle. The front reinforcement behind the bumper, called also the impact bar because it's absorbing and distributing the shock from an accident all over the car structure, was practically bended from the middle.



Why would a collision repair facility ever allow this kind of unsafe, and unprofessional work to be delivered to a customer? That’s an excellent question!

German Experts Service Center would never allow their customers to go back on the road in a vehicle in this condition – or in any other condition where their life or even the life of the car will be under a question mark!

German Experts

Some shops, however, believe that their profit on a single repair is more important than the safety of their customers. They’re counting on the idea that you’ll never find out about the corners they cut, or the procedures they’ve skipped. They hope that you’ll see a car that looks “fixed” on the surface, and never think to get an inspection to make sure the structural work is right.


Knowing there are a lot of safety regulations and guidelines when we talk about the production of vehicles, you will never think that there are not clear regulations ensuring that also the repaired cars are safe to be driven on the roads.

Unfortunately as the competition on the market is a tough one, some body shops, in an effort to receive as many possible cars from the insurance companies are skipping necessary procedures and use substandard parts to repair a car after a collision.

As per the Insurance Authority Board of Directors Decision No. (25) Of 2016, chapter 2, point 7, the repair work should be warranted by the repairing shop and the Insurance Company should make sure that the vehicle is repaired properly.

Click here to learn the The Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy Against Third Party Liability according to Insurance Authority Board of Directors’ Decision No. (25) of 2016


At German Experts Service Center, we work with all insurance companies, we do not rebate from following factory specifications in any of the repairs. Our top priority is always to serve the interests of our customers, and we’ll help you make sure your car is returned to the safe, structurally sound condition it was in before the accident, offering 6 months warranty for labor and mechanical work and no less than 5 years for any paint work.

That’s why we’re certified and recognized for the highest quality collision repair available. We use only genuine parts, and we always perform the necessary procedures to keep your car as safe as it was in when it rolled off the factory floor.


If you’ve been in an accident, your insurance company is obligated to return your vehicle to pre-loss condition and the repairing work should be warrantied! Sadly, they often try to avoid this responsibility, even when it means putting their policyholders in unsafely repaired cars.

We understand that this is a very difficult condition for our customers to find themselves in and through an agreement between us and Watania Insurance we have built a premium car insurance where, we are working on behalf of our customers, assisting them through the entire claims process.

Just have with you the police report and call us to pick up your car. We will take the approvals, repair it as per the factory specifications and standards and return it to you under warranty and in perfectly driving condition!


If you’ve had a significant structural repair and you feel like your vehicle is not same as before driving wise or aesthetical or you are concerned about the quality and safety of the work done on your vehicle German Experts Service Center Offers free post-repair inspections under certain terms and conditions.

Information is power and we truly want that each and every car driver in UAE know their legal rights that your insurance company doesn’t want you to know about:














Sixth and above



  1. The following spare parts, if have been damaged in an accident should be replaced with NEW spare parts without any depreciation deduction:



Brake Master Cylinders


Brake Wheel Cylinders


Brake Calipers


Brake Cables


Brake Hoses


Brake Diaphragms


Steering boxes


Steering rakes


Steering ball joints & swivels


Seat Belts



  1. The Insurance Company should offer recovery service if the car cannot be driven, at 0 cost.
  2. If your vehicle is repaired with an approved by the Insurance Company repair shop, the Company shall insure that the repairing is properly made and the shop should offer warranty for the work.
  3. The Insurance Company shall insure that you are enabled to have your car checked by any Motor Vehicle Examination Agency

Click here for more information about GERMAN EXPERTS PREMIUM CAR INSURANCE


For more information, or to speak to someone at German Experts Service Center, call us at   02 666 6328 or click here to contact us online!