German Experts Service Center puts first the safety and the comfort of our customers and along the years we’ve been terrified
seeing our customer cars being brought in German Experts after have been repaired in different other service center from UAE after
an accident and repaired through the insurance company.

We’ve seen cars being delivered to the customers with missing air bags, old and used mechanical spare parts that are not meeting
a minimal standard, not talking about the manufacture standards, painted cars that lost the color in less than 6 months after the
repair and low quality labor work made by unexperienced technicians.

Seeing all  the struggle that our customers has faced after an accident and the obstacles meet to have their car repaired in
German Experts Service Center, we decided to build a Car Insurance Policy that will assure the car owner that his comfort, safety and
peace of mind are 100% protected.

We are specialized in diagnosing, maintaining and repairing from inside out German, Italian and British car brands having the following assets:

  • 4000 sqm area of work divided by:
  • Workshop for car repair with a capacity of 80 cars per day
  • Body Shop for car body repair with a capacity of 70 cars per day
  • 140 experienced car technicians with dedicated team for each car brand we service
  • 2 paint rooms 
  • Car – O –Liner for chassis, frame and wheel alignment
  • Welding, Denting, Body Repair in Case of Major and Minor Accidents
  • Car Detailing

Last but not the least, we are committed to offer the best services to our customers by following all standards and specifications of the manufacturer offering warranty for our work.

*5 Years Warranty for Paint Work                              *6 Months Warranty for Mechanical and Labor Work

Now, by Insuring your car under German Experts Insurance Policy you will have the guarantee that, in case of a future damage on you vehicle you will have:

  • Your car repaired in German Experts Service Center
  • Paperless Process
  • Quality, Warranty and a Fast Repairing Process
  • New and Genuine Spare Parts
  • Work as per the manufacturer Standards and Specifications
  • 5 Years Warranty for Paint Work  and Conformity Certificate          
  • 6 Months Warranty for Mechanical and Labor Work
  • Free Recovery

If you want to avoid all the hassle you might encounter after a car accident, please contact us now for the best Car
Insurance available on UAE market.One of our call center advisors will quote you accordingly and give you all the information
about our partnership with Watania Insurance and about German Experts Car Insurance Policy plan.