Body Shop and Painting

Body Shop and Painting


German Car Experts

German Experts Service Center has opened the Body Shop as a complete repair and enhancing solution equipping it with the most advanced certified equipment available on the local and the international market.

CAR-O-LINER is a technologically advanced collision repair solution able to measure and repair with high precision the chassis and frame of a car affected by an accident, following the exact measurements and factory specifications and standards.

Car Service Centers has to meet industry standards and OEM requirements and CAR-O-LINER is a complete body and structure repair solution.

In case your car had an accident and the structure or chassis had been damaged the CAR-O-LINER is the safest and most advanced solution in repairing your car and bring it back to the initial manufacture shape.

CAR-O-LINER is a technologically-advanced collision repair solution that has the ability of identifying the damages suffered by your car, the exact affected areas of the structure, assist the alignment and the repair process with high precision helping the technicians bring the car back to the factory original shape as per the manufacture standards. CAR-O-LINER it’s also approved by OEM and Government and the report after the repair will show if the car is or it’s not safe to be driven on the road.

Features and benefits:

  • Powerful 10- tone draw aligner that pulls the structure of the car from most of the angles till 360 degrees around the vehicle.
  • Frame and Rack straightening system able to handle large full-frame and uni-body repairs
  • It has real time ergonomic design used in the same time with the Car-O-Tronic and Car-O-Data measuring systems – helping in Identifying and measuring the damage comparing with the actual shape of the car as per the factory measurements.
  • For an easy identification of the damage – photo-based images
  • Once the problem has been identified in the system, CAR-O-LINER will indicate the technician how to fix the damage without any human error
  • Compatible with almost all the car structures.
  • It has the world’s largest vehicle data base in measuring the upper body of the car
  • It can also perform aluminum auto body repairs
  • Authorized by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)



More and more car manufacturers start using aluminum instead of steel for car body structures repair, car body repair, car wheels repair, car paint, etc., because of its beneficial properties that brings the following features:

  • Cars are lighter and more fuel efficient
  • Cars accelerate faster and stop shorter
  • Are absorbing 2 times more the energy in case of a crash.
  • Aluminum is recyclable


  • Tools are made of CARBON FIBER which is 3 times stronger than the steel
  • It is adjustable for deep dents and has 220V maximum power
  • It’s flexible in repairing the hardest accessible dents

 German Experts Service Center it has the capacity and the efficiency of repairing aluminum structures bringing the car in the original shape approved by manufacturers.


Welding any part in the structure of your car, if not made by professionals in a safe environment and with the right tools can be deadly dangerous for the car user.

German Experts Service Center added to the CAR-O-LINER repair solutions THE FULLY AUTOMATIC RESISTANCE SPOT WELDER that includes all types of steels and provides real quality assurance


  • The Assurance Management System monitors the repair from A-Z, monitoring and adjusting through the weld and can even recognize through a dynamic pre-pulse feature a possible burn of the surface.
  • Automatic material type recognition via the Virtual Generator.
  • Material thickness recognition via Pulse-Sonar-System
  • Automatic weld nugget fixing
  • 000 Amp welding power
  • Welding data documentation.

Specialist advice: In case of an accident once the structure of the car has been affected, if it’s not repaired properly it can lead to multiple failures of the car in time and also it might be extremely dangerous for the occupants of the car. CAR-O-LINER is the only OEM approved equipment that follows the exact measurements of the factory and assists the all repairing process so that a human mistake is maximum minimalized.


German Car Experts


SMART stands for Small, Medium Area Repair Technology and SMART REPAIR is the process of repairing a car using specialized tools, paint and materials to give a 'good as new' finish just on a localized damaged area - and not the whole panel. It’s cheaper and faster and will not decrease the value of your car in case you decide to sell it.

Smart repair can be performed on any part of the car body and will fix scratched alloy wheels, dents on the bumper, dent removal, scratches, etc


Dent removal have never been as easy as it is for our German Experts technicians. In our Body Shop we can remove dents, having the most performant technology on the market - will take only minutes for the ELECTRICAL SPOTTER DENT PULLER machine to fix the hardest accessible car dent and the result will be so delicate as to be difficult to analyses or even notice that on that spot have ever been a dent. 


In German Experts Body Shop we use the most advanced welding machine available on the market which can be used for: CAR ALUMINIUM WELDING, CAR METAL WELDING, and CAR SPOT WELDING with a milimetric precision and a high attention on the smallest details


German Experts Service Center provides: BMW windshield replacement, Mercedes Benz windshield replacement, Land Rover windshield replacement, Range Rover windshield replacement, Mini Cooper Windshield Replacement, Jaguar windshield replacement, Audi  windshield replacement, Ferrari windshield replacement, Bentley windshield replacement, Lamborghini windshield replacement, Maserati windshield replacement, Volkswagen windshield replacement, Porsche windshield replacement.

The windshield replacement is made in German Experts Service Center by professional technicians as per the manufacture standards and specifications, fast and efficient and comes with 6 months warranty.


German Car Experts


Your car is having scratches and lost its shine? Color looks dull and the interior as much as you clean it doesn’t have that new, clean look anymore?

In German Experts Service Center we have the best polishing and detailing machineries to bring back the new look of your car.

The process of polishing your car starts by first washing the car and removing any dirt that might affect the process. Once the car is clean and dry the technicians will take every panel of the car and polish it with the WURTH polish machine until the paint will regain its original shinny property without affecting the original car paint.

Once the process is completed and all the body of the car was polished we will wash the car and deliver it in the light tunnel for quality check up to make sure our customers will be completley satisfied before leaving German Experts Body Shop 


German Car Experts


German Experts Body Shop offers solutions for enhancing end repairing your car and we do no exception when it comes to your alloy wheels. Our car technicians can repair any type of damage: kerb, damage, scrapes, discoloration, and gouges returning your alloy wheel to the factory new conditions.


German Experts Body Shop offers wheel customizing painting services allowing you to choose the desired color from a pallet of more than 1000 different colors; single color and up to 6 tone color finish.


Looking for a personal touch or you would like to match the color of the brake calipers with your cars color? German Experts Body Shop specialist will do caliper paint for your car brakes according to the color you want.

All our paint work is coming with 5 YEARS WARRANTY, so we have you covered! Wait no more and call us now for bookings or inquires


German Car Experts

A body kit will change the shape of your car or upgraded it to a newer model. Usually the body kit is composed of front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, bonnets, front and rear side guards and roof scoop

In German Experts Body Shop we are working with the most known suppliers for this parts of the car and we are not just fixing them but also we can optimize them with different functions. 


German Car Experts

German Experts Body Shop was built as a response of an imperious market need for quality work that fits customer needs and fulfills customer expectations, by delivering outstanding results as per the manufacture standards and long term warranty certified work.

We offer 5 years warranty for any car paint work performed in our center!

In German Experts Body Shop we are equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment and technology, using only top brand car paints and materials, used by the biggest car manufactures in the world and we are not just using it but we have also trained our technicians to mix and match any color in order to get the most out of it.

We are using Glasurit Paint which is the market leader provider for most of the German, Italian and British car manufactures.

They are having the most advanced car paint technology in the world and the biggest color library. Our Tools in Identifying and preparing the right color:

With the GLASURIT Ration Scan 12/6: the first-class colour measurement device we will do a digital colour identification scan for checking the colour of your car and the thickness of the paint. After that we will use the Color Manager PRO software that will receive the information from the spectrophotometer and translate the right colour code and the mixing formula. 
The spectrophotometer and the Color Manager Pro software can scan and match the most difficult existing car paint colour with a 100% accuracy rate.

Either you want to change the color of your car, refresh it or repair minor damage, we guarantee that the difference between the original paint of the car and the one from German Experts is not detectable; this is not all; if you want to sell your car in the future, it will pay off as well. How we make sure the color match and last as we are saying? For measuring and detecting exactly the original color code which was used by the factory, we will scan the car paint with the Genius iQ spectrophotometer that is using 200.000 updated formulas that will show the exact matching color we need to use on your car and the thickness. .